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1) Cartridge-type Ink bottle and Makeup bottle


Reduce customer’s burden by easy cartridge replacement with no ink splashes nor ink drops.

  • Easy to dispose the empty cartridge because no liquid is remained after ink/makeup is finished up.

2) Reduced Makeup consumption

  • The amount of makeup volatilization during operation is reduced
    by the new technology of “Makeup fluid consumption reduction system”.
  • The amount of makeup volatilization is reduced to 50%
    on Premium model UX-E, 30% on Standard model UX-D and Basic model UX-B.


In the U.S., LA, and mainland China area, only model UX-D and model UX-B are sold.


3) Multiple line printing: 6-line printing is now available.


4) System Enhancement

  • Ethernet is a standard feature of Standard model and Premium model.
  • RFID functionprevents IJP from improper installation of ink/makeup by reading IC tag on cartridge.

Use of this function requires Radio Law approval for each country. Approval process is in progress, however this function will NOT be available until the approval is obtained. Refer to Item 11 for the details.


5) Installation Capability Enhancement

  • The ambient operation temperature is extended up to 50 deg C for ink type 1067K by dedicated print control system.

UX-Series / Continuous Ink Jet Printer


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