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  • Verification Standards:
    • ISO/IEC 16022
    • ISO/IEC 15415
    • AS9132
    • AIM DPM Guidelines
    • ISO 29158
    • MIL-STD-130
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Easy One Button Calibration and Operation
  • Secure Mode For Operation Within Secure Facilities

The LDP Verifier (for Labels and Data Plates) is a UID Compliance Verifier that evaluates and verifies symbols according to specifications in MIL-STD-130 and DFAR 252.211-7003. The LDP Verifier has been specially developed for checking and verifying UID Data Matrix markings on labels and data plates. 

UID Compliance Verification products allow U.S. DoD (Dept. of Defense) suppliers and subcontractors to easily and consistently comply with a wide range of UID regulations.

Labels and Data Plates:  The LDP Verifier is designed for verification of labels and data plates with thickness up to 0.125 inch (3.17 mm). 

Integrated Design:  The LDP Verifier is a standalone unit, connected to a host PC, that contains appropriately fixed lens and lighting systems required for testing UID data syntax strings and evaluating symbol quality. 

Reports:  The LDP Verifier includes reporting features with quality assurance and repeatable/auditable results. Reports are detailed, and verification results are archived for backup and compliance audits. 

UID Compliance:  Since implementation of the UID inititative, most goods destined for the U.S. DoD must be permanently marked with a UID code.  UID Compliance Verifiers enable the DoD and their suppliers and subcontractors to meet the requirements in UID standards such as MIL-STD- 130 and DFAR 252.211-7003.


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UID LDP Compliance Verifier


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