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Robotic Palletizing System


Robotic Palletizing System

This robotic palletizing system from Brenton is a mixed layer palletizing system that is supported by multi-zoned vacuum, clamp style or bag gripper and is engineered to meet customer requirements - RSC, HSC, bag, etc. The safety features for this robotic palletizing system include wire mesh fence, polycarbonate enclosure, and safety rated light curtains for pallet discharge openings.

With safety features and support to meet customer requirements, the Robotic Palletizing System ensures a safe approach to palletizing products.  This user friendly palletizing system is extremely reliable, causing fewer incidents of downtime resulting in lost production.  To palletize properly, this system uses a re-deployable, re-programming, and possible changes in the End-Of-Arm Tooling that allows handling of product changes.

Several options are available with the Robotic Palletizing System.  You can choose between the single line system with single feeding lane and single lane discharge, the multi line system with multiple feed lanes and single lane discharge, or the multiple feed lanes and multiple lan discharge.  With so many available options, you can rest assure that whatever you choose, you will experience quality, efficiency, and an effective palletizing process.  Quick changeovers take place on the Robotic Palletizing System with little operational change-over.

Robotic Palletizing System Features & Specs

  • Single Line Systems with Single Feeding Lane / Single Lane Discharge, or
  • Multi Line Systems with Multiple Feed Lanes / Single Lane Discharge, or
  • Multiple Feed Lanes / Multiple Lane Discharge.
  • Quick changeovers with little or no operational change-over and multiple case/carton size handling capability.
  • User friendly
  • Extremely reliable
  • Fewer incidents of downtime resulting in lost production
  • Re-deployable re-programming and possible changes in End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) that allows handling of product changes

Robotic Palletizing System


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