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  • Protocol conversion allows communication via Ethernet
  • Supports polling of up to 32 readers using RS-485
  • Programming port options include USB and RS-232
  • Provides serial data transmission rates up to 115,200 baud


The MS-Connect 5100 serves as a data collector and manager for automatic ID networks with Microscan readers. Use the MSConnect 5100 to connect and configure up to 32 readers in minutes with simple menu-driven software. The compact device features multiple communication options, including Ethernet protocols for high speed communication with a host. 


The MS-Connect 5100 provides an ideal communication tool for use with any Microscan scanner or imager.

Protocols:  The MS-Connect 5100 provides communication to a host using serial or Ethernet communication.

Ethernet:  TCP/IP and Ethernet IP protocols are available out of the box. Other protocols are available with optional expansion cards.

Continuous Polling:  The MS-Connect 5100 uses RS-485 multidrop protocol for uninterrupted communication between the concentrator and the multidrop network.

Programming Ports:  The MS-Connect 5100 can be easily programmed using the USB port or the RS-232 port via an RJ12 connector.

Time and Date Stamp:  This option allows the user to select the time and date format to prepend to the data decoded by a reader.

Simple Configuration:  ESP software allows you to configure the MS-Connect 5100 and the networked readers within minutes.



MS-Connect 5100 Options

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MS-Connect 5100, Enhanced Multidrop Concentrator


MS-Connect 5100 Concentrator & Protocol Converter


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