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Integrated, Turn-Key Solution for Embedded Label Inspection and Barcode Verification 


  • Line scan and area scan camera technology offering entry level inspection systems for basic applications like back numbering, single lane ISO grading of 1D and 2D barcodes, basic 100% inspection and color monitoring
  • Utilizes the latest GbE and USB 3.0 technology making this system affordable and user friendly
  • Touch screen monitor with easy-to-use interface - Scan & Go. Includes "pinch and zoom" functionality to enlarge any area on the web or object
  • Mounts to presses, slitter/rewinders, folder gluers, conveyors, form fill and seal machines, and most types of machinery where vision is required

Machine Vision Functions

  • 1D and 2D Bar Code Reading and Verification
  • Pattern Recognition / Matching / Blemish Detection
  • Blob Analysis
  • Measuring tools
  • Color Analysis
  • Optical Character Recognition / Verification (OCR/OCV)

Available Options

  • Master-to-Label Comparison (Blemish Detection) – Detects blemishes, missing labels, voids, hickies, spots, skews and missing copy. Built-in Pinch & Zoom feature allows operators to zoom into specific areas of the web for up-close visual inspection
  • Bar Code Validation (Reading of 1D & 2D Codes) – Decodes 1D & 2D codes to determine if the code is readable. No attempt is made to grade the codes according to any standard
  • Bar Code Verification (Grading of 1D & 2D Codes to ISO/IEC Standards) – Verifies 1D & 2D codes according to the internationally accepted rules of the applicable symbology specifications and ISO 15415 and 15416
  • Optical Character Recognition / Verification (OCR/OCV) – File matching, duplicate checking, and random or sequential data validation
  • Delta E Color Process Control – Detects color variations by comparing the master color to the image color currently displayed in the field of view
  • Metrology Tool – Measures and constructs geometric features. You may measure finite features such as arcs, circles, line segments, and points in specific image regions, and can also construct features within the image. You may also define and validate tolerances from dimensions, positions and shape (angularity, concentricity, perpendicularity, roundness and straightness)
LVS-7300 Print Quality Inspection System
Part Number Description
LVS-7300 Print Quality Inspection System

LVS-7300 Print Quality Inspection System


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