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Ensure Accuracy and Data Integrity on Each Label 

  • Identify Defects
  • Eliminate Fines & Disputes
  • Reduce Rework
  • Control Waste
  • Avoid Liability

Vision Technology for Thermal Printers

  • Bar Code Verification (Grading of 1D and 2D Codes). Inspects any combination of 1D and 2D codes and grades them using internationally accepted standards. The software displays a real-time graph indicating the overall ISO grade allowing the operator to view trends in print quality for hundreds of previously inspected labels. As errors are detected, the graph changes color. Other error warning indicators are available including printer stop, light stack, alarm, etc.
  • Bar Code Validation (Reading of 1D and 2D Codes). Inspects codes to determine if they are “readable.” No attempt is made to grade according to any standard.
  • Master to Label Comparison (Blemish Detection). Identifies print faults, such as skews, smears, registration errors, die-cut errors and missing information. This feature includes a variable data function that recognizes expected variables within a pattern-matching zone but does not report the data as a blemish. Also includes a variable sensitivity setting for each label field inspected.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR). “Reads” characters and reports the data content.
  • Optical Character Verification (OCV). Ensures that a string of sequential characters are read and/or verified against a known field or database.
  • Number Validation. Verifies the expected order of any numerical series, detects duplicates and sequence errors, and matches variable numbers with external data files.
  • Data and Code Matching. Verifies encoded data that represents human readable information and ensures synchronicity of multiple fields within a label.

LVS-7500 Print Quality Inspection System
Part Number Description
LVS-7500 Print Quality Inspection System

LVS-7500 Print Quality Inspection System


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