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  • Reads most 1D and 2D symbols
  • Dual field optics for wide and high density fields
  • Bluetooth Class II wireless communication 
  • Battery life up to 50,000 reads
  • Durable IP54 enclosure



The HS-51 is a high performance wireless handheld imager for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols. It combines advanced decode algorithms and dual field optics with user-friendly features and the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.


The HS-51 imager provides a reliable wireless reading solution for any barcode or 2D application.



High Performance: The HS-51 features computing power and advanced image processing to decode challenging 1D and 2D symbols.


Performance Indicators: In addition to a beeper, visual and vibrating indicators provide silent confirmation of successful reads for noisy or sensitive environments. A bright blue targeting bar quickly centers the imager on the code while providing feedback on the optimal focal distance.


Easy to Clean: The imager's sensitive components are protected by a IP54-rated enclosure, capable of withstanding harsh chemical-based cleaners.


Charging Station: The charging station transmits and receives data over a Bluetooth link, and includes LED indicators for charging and successful imager pairing. Also includes a paging button to locate a misplaced imager.



HS-51 Wireless Barcode Reader


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