Product Handling and Barcode Verification of Aerosal Cans at 600 CPM


Customer wanted 100% assurance that every can that was depalitized on the production line was identical. Dartronics provided product handling and barcode scanning system to seperate and positively identify that every can was the correct one. If a can was not verified to be correct it was removed from the line at very high speeds.

Shown in the picture is a set of drive screws to separate the cans spacing them out and supported from a parrallel set of belts to present the cans with the bottom exposed for proper scanning with SICK barcode readers. Custoer would use a hand held scanner to program the correct code to be monitored by all scanners. The first scanner to verify the code would then send a good read signal to the control panel. If a mismatch was found the can would be rejected from the production line with a high speed air cylinder. If the control panel found 3 rejects in a row the production line was stopped to investigate if all cans were inccorectly loaded. Customer purchased a second system for another production line.

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