Product Handling and Serialization of Cartons for Track and Trace


Customer was having problems with product diversion. They wanted a way to serialize every carton and track this through the distribution channel. We provided the Turn-Key solution. Not only did we mark the carton, but also the shipping cases and pallets with cradle to grave relationships. Dartronics provided the proper hardware, software, installation and training support.

Shown in picture at right is: 6' infeed conveyor that made it easy for the operator to slide flat cartons on edge from the shipping conatiner to load the machine with up to 6 minutes of product. Machine ran 200 cartons per minute. We then singulated and fed the cartons onto an ink jet base, marked the cartons with 2D serialized IR inks and human readble marks. After the carton were marked we used IR dryers to dry the ink just before cameras then read the 2D barcode and OCR the human readable marks for verification and logging.

What was also unique is that we provided product handling to take marked cartons and automatically load the in-feed of the cartoner machine. The operator did not have to handle the cartons a second time. Later in the production line we also marked the shipping cartons and pallets gathering valuable data prior to loading on the trailer or storing into the warehouse.

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