Custom Mounting and Digital Marking of Ice Cream Wrappers


The customer wanted to improve the marking and coding of the ice cream wrappers. The original mechanical coders did not print consistently and reliably. They also required manual change of type for product changes. We provided an HP digital printing solution. Now they can change product codes on the fly providing real time and date information. Included with the system was a operator friendly custom written software package that controls all printers with one operator interface screen.

The customer needed a way to quickly and easily remove the printing equipment from the production area so wash down could be performed. Dartronics provided a portable cart that contained Mini-Touch print head controllers, Integrated PC with touch panel with custom software, Battery Backup system, and mounting to hold 8 print heads. Each print head was removeable from the bridge without the use of tools. We provided a hand operated locking latch (not tools required) to securely hold print heads in place at the same time making it easy to remove for wash down at the end of the production run.

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